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Attitude of Gratitude for Writers

A wonderful man who was once my parish priest, Fr. Gordon Walker, lived by the motto, “You’ve got to have an attitude of gratitude.” That’s something I’ve always struggled with maintaining from day to day, but I’m growing more and more convinced it is absolutely key—not only to the spiritual life, but to life as a writer. I haven’t actually tried this,

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Audio Rights Sold

The audio rights to Arsenic with Austen and Bloodstains with Brontë have been sold to Blackstone Audio (now

Arsenic with Austen Available for Pre-order

Reserve your copy of Arsenic with Austen on Amazon or at your local bookstore today! Reserve a Copy >>.

Release date set for The Dome-Singer of Falenda

Katherine’s YA fantasy The Dome-Singer of Falenda is set to release in June 2016 from Oloris Publishing.