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Birth of a Mystery Writer

Once upon a time, a young Russian literature graduate wanted something a little lighter than War and Peace to read. (Seriously, that volume weighs a ton.) So a friend handed her a copy of Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers, and a lifelong love affair with detective fiction was born. After devouring Sayers’ entire oeuvre, our reader moved on to Margery Allingham,

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Guest Post on Jenni Brummett’s Blog

Want to find out more about Windy Corner, the Victorian mansion that is the primary setting for Arsenic with Austen? Read Katherine’s guest post on Jenni Brummett’s blog. More >>.

Arsenic with Austen Available for Pre-order

Reserve your copy of Arsenic with Austen on Amazon or at your local bookstore today! Reserve a Copy >>.

Katherine Presents at Festival of Faith & Writing 2014

Listen to an audio recording of Katherine Bolger Hyde presenting with Karen Beattie, Scott Cairns, Angela Doll Carlson, Gregory Wolfe: It’s Not You, It’s Me: Navigating Relationship and the Fine Art of Rejection. More >>.